Zinnia Jones

I am so proud and delighted to have Zinnia Jones as a new colleague. She has long been one of my top 10 favorite atheist/rationalist YouTubers. I have been so impressed with her videos that I have run them on Camels With Hammers numerous times. If you are looking for some entry points into her large body of work as a vlogger, here are most of the Camels With Hammers posts showcasing her stuff. On Thursday I am excited to have a written conversation with her and post it during my blogathon for the Secular Student Alliance. Don’t miss it!

Contra The Fine Tuning Argument

ZJ On “The Ground Zero Mosque”

ZJ On The Old Testament’s Laws

ZJEmptv On Conservapedia’s Purge Of Bible’s “Liberal Bias”

ZJ On Coming Out Day

Like A Straight Pride Parade Everyday

Daily Hilarity: Hate Mail

A Challenge To Christians To Unqualifiedly Condemn Genocide

The Catholic Church Sacrifices Charity At The Altar Of Bigotry

“The Closet Game!”

ZJ Defends “Everybody Draws Muhammad Day”

Family Research Council Lobbied Congress NOT To Denounce Uganda Bill

How And Why To Defect From The Catholic Church

On The “Compassion” In The Catholic Bishops’ Letter To Congress Against Gay Rights

ZJ On Mormons And Civil Liberties

ZJ Advocates For Transhumanism

If These Are God’s Miracles, Where Are His Priorities?

ZJ Lays The Smackdown On Sexists

On Comparing God To The Tooth Fairy

Go welcome her!

Your Thoughts and Favorite Zinnia Jones Videos?

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