Catholic 2012 Election Propaganda

The distortion of the meaning of freedom of religion in this video is disgusting. I’m not going to repeat myself but if you don’t know what is wrong with the claim that it is a violation of religious freedom for the Catholic Church not to be able to impose its religious standards on its employees who perform non-religious tasks, then read my extensive dissections of these issues in the following posts:

Religious Privilege and Grievance-Based Catholic Identity Politics on Full Display

Should Catholic Employers Be Exempted From Paying For Health Insurance Covering Contraception? (A Debate With Mary The Catholic Graduate Student Part 1)

What Are The Limits of Church Authority In the Public Sphere? (A Debate With Mary The Catholic Graduate Student Part 2)

Must (or Can) the Religious Engage in the Secular Sphere ‘Non-Religiously’? (A Debate With Mary The Catholic Graduate Student Part 3)

The Catholic Church Wants Women Pregnant Against Their Wills

Your Thoughts?

H/T: Libby Anne

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  • Contrarian

    I really like how recently you’ve been ending your posts with links to previous posts. It’s much easier to follow up on your previous writing when you do that.

    • Contrarian

      (Actually, in case you have been doing this consistently and I just noticed, I still like a lot that you follow up your posts with links to related previous posts.)

    • Daniel Fincke

      HAHA Thanks!

      Yeah, it’s something I try to do a lot of. A lot of my writing is not time sensitive and so I would hate for it to vanish forever when the day is over and it gets buried by new posts. The links don’t get a ton of hits but there’s always someone digging through the archives and that’s the way I want it.

  • Loqi

    The recommended videos that come up at the end are pretty…interesting. Four birther videos, one “Obama is a secret muslim” video, and one “Oprah hates god” video. They must hate the letter “O” or something…

  • wieeseigentlichgewesen

    I suppose it was too much to hope that “preferential option for the poor” would show up in that video.

  • roggg

    So dramatic…I can almost feel their persecution at other people having access to basic health care. Wont someone think of the churches!

  • Katherine Lorraine, Chaton de la Mort

    “Vote Republican or gays will be allowed to get married and women will be allowed to make their own decisions regarding their healthcare!” – basically.

    Admittedly I’m a lot more impressed by the smithing in that advertisement than I am anything else. I dunno if the smith did all the words or just used a mold for some of them, but holy Christmas that’s impressive work if it was the former.

  • nedchamplain

    I think the last item should have read Catholics call to the witless. History has shown and will continue to show how wrong the church has been and continues to be mired in the past. The church, when making its dogma, doesn’t even look at the bible they profess to be the work of god, nor any of its 613 commandments.

  • Woof

    My, what slickly-produced horseshit.

  • ZarathustraMike

    I think Catholick priests should be forced to walk around with thick wooden crosses jammed up their butts!