I Participated In A Video Conversation On Atheist Parenting

I just had a total blast hanging out with Kylie Sturgess, Ophelia Benson, PZ Myers, and Russell Glasser talking about atheist parenting for an hour. Forgive the echo on the audio early on, it should go away:

I would love it if you would watch the video and offer Your Thoughts!

Here are some more posts where I have explored the sorts of issues about atheism and values inculcation that I focused much of my discussion on. I am also including in these links posts about my religious upbringing and its affects on me since I discussed my extensive experience with emotionalistic religious indoctrination at religious camps:

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Also, as usual, let me recommend you read Richard Wade’s “Ask Richard” column which often features humane, nuanced, pragmatic, sage advice about particular quandaries that atheist parents find themselves in—most involving negotiating relationships with religious relatives, spouses, or children.

Your Thoughts?

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