Introducing “The Camels With Hammers Show”

This afternoon, I had a chat with Camels With Hammers readers for the inaugural episode of The Camels With Hammers Show.

I am most grateful to Kyle Hughart, Dwight Welch, Michael Boys, Dave Mann, and Adam Freese for joining me for the chat. Predominantly engaging with Kyle Hughart, We talked about ethics for the first 43 minutes and 43 seconds.

At the 43:43 mark we changed topics to talk about religious naturalism for the last 32 minutes. Dwight Welch is a liberal Christian pastor and a religious naturalist who does not believe in any more supernatural entities than atheists do. We chatted about what that means and what, if anything, Christianity has left to offer secularists.

Here are some Camels With Hammers posts on the theme of secular religion:

The pros of secular religion: Answering Greta: My Goals As An Atheist Writer

The cons of any religion: The Dangers of Religion Itself

The possibility of “true” religion: Islam, 9/11, and “True Religion” (Or “What Could George W. Bush Mean When Talking About True Islam?”)

The possibility of a “true” spirituality: On Defending True Spirituality And Taking The Word Back From Spiritually Bankrupt Fundamentalism

Eric Steinhart’s series on possibilities for developing an atheistic religious naturalism using philosophy and Wicca as dialogue partners: Atheism and Wicca (original post and links to the entire rest of the series)

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