Join Me For A Live Google+ Hangout Today At 3pm EST!

I have decided to have a Google+ hangout session with Camels With Hammers readers this afternoon. A few people have expressed interest. You are welcome to join me. If you want to go on video with me and others in order to discuss topics related to atheism, philosophy, and ethics, then just make sure you have a Google+ account, a pair of headphones, and a working webcam with a working microphone. Express your interest in joining the chat by sending me an e-mail at my “camelswithhammers” gmail address and by adding me to one of your Google+ circles if you have not already.

Starting at 2:30pm EST, I will start sending invitations to the first ten people who have contacted me to say they are interested and then if at 3pm ten people have not shown up and there are still people on the list, I will send more invites. I have no idea how many we will wind up with but anywhere between 3 of us and 10 of us will be a rousing success for a last minute first stab at this!

I hope to see you there! And if you’re not able to join the chat for whatever reason, remember to watch us stream live on YouTube. You should be able to find the live chat happening from 3pm-4pm if you search my YouTube account.

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