I have dreamed of coming to Minnesota since I was twelve years old and fell in love with the epic “Weird Al” song “The Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota”:

And now I’ve been here (though not at the twine ball, sadly) having a blast at CONvergence since Thursday. I think my panel contributions on the theme of the Philosophy of Batman got across the points I was most passionate about related to that subject and seemed to be very well received. I hope to polish up and expand on those thoughts in future posts, so stay tuned. (Especially as I will be seeing Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and Dark Knight Rises in the theater as part of the DKR premiere!

But most of all I have had a wonderful time getting to know some of my fellow bloggers face to face after communicating together for so long through the internet. It’s also been a serious treat to meet various Skepchicks, so many Freethought Blogs readers, and a surprising number of people who know Camels With Hammers. I only wish I had the time to blog something interesting for the new people I may have enticed to read the blog with my mesmerizing face to face salesmanship.

If you are one of those I talked into coming here this weekend, I hope you find “Weird Al’s” tribute to the biggest ball of twine as inspiring as I do and that you use the links in the sidebars to the right to explore the kind of thinking I normally do on this site. The “About Me” sidebar has a lot of links to interviews and key posts I’ve written that serve as excellent introductions to the site. The rest of the sidebar boxes feature articles from before I came to Freethought Blogs on a number of topics related to atheism, ethics, religion, and philosophy. But if you hate having to make choices (or get overwhelmed by so many options of things to read, then just read my post on “thinking according to scale”, if you would like to dive into my writing and get a sense of my philosophical approach to things. I think the point I make there is a really important one about the importance of not being reductionists and about appreciating the differences between levels of explanation and understanding and the relative integrity and independence each can be construed to have.

Your Thoughts?

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