We Need A Skeptical Guide To Islam

Tired of having to sift through whitewashing religious apologists or fearmongering bigots when trying to get information about Islam that is both factually accurate and defensibly critical? Heina, an apostate from Islam who was formerly a devout believer, wants to write that book and is looking for donations to help fund her efforts:

Learn more about the project and how to support it here.

In the meantime you can read Heina’s existing writings, many of which clarify Islam for atheists.

You can also do worse than to read the interviews I conducted with Ehsan Ali (a gay atheist man raised in Pakistan) and Damya (a college age feminist atheist in Morocco) in June about their experiences with, and knowledge of, Islam.

Thanks to Stephanie for the heads up.

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  • https://twitter.com/#!/TominousTone Thomas Lawson

    Have you heard of Koran Curious – A Guide for Infidels and Believers by CJ Werleman? CJ has also written God Hates You, Hate Him Back: Making Sense of the Bible and Jesus Lied – He was Only Human: Debunking the New Testament. I haven’t read the one about the Koran yet, but it’s out there. And the other two are pretty funny.

  • http://almulhida.wordpress.com/ Almulhida

    This is pretty cool, exactly the sort of thing we really need more of. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.