The Existential Crisis

I just spent a cathartic hour or so reading through PhD Comics. Here was just one of many I felt like sharing:

Okay, so I said I would start writing again two nights ago but that didn’t happen. I’m just going to put off thinking about the blog another weekend as I get my semester, my philosophical counseling plans, and other responsibilities worked out. Please forgive the virtual absence.

Your Thoughts?

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Why Would Being Controlled By A Brain Be Any Less Free Than Being Controlled By An Immaterial Soul?
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  • jehk

    I followed the blue line and now I feel better about things. Thank you.

  • F

    I think you should do the stuff you need to without worrying about the blog. You produce plenty of content.

    I love the flow chart. Been stuck in something similar since I was like 8. My living can suck and be unreliable, but I help others as much as I help my main employer, and I’m otherwise pretty much under the radar. I didn’t get anywhere near a PhD.

  • AKAHorace

    How does doing pharmaceutical research equate to weapons development ? Another cheap, shallow stereotype. I mean tell me who else is going to do anything about antibiotic resistant gonerhea.

    On that note read: