What is the Atheistic Equivalent of a “Godparent” Called?

An atheist friend has an interesting question for me. I didn’t know what to say to her, so, with her permission, I offer the question to you:

Random question: is there an atheist version of a Godparent? I know that anyone can be named as a legal guardian in the event that we die, but is there a non religious term for it? I’d like to have someone for Em and I know it doesn’t need a cutesy name, but it would certainly be easier. It was just something that passed through my mind recently and I wondered if you knew of anything.


Have any atheists developed words for this kind of relationship? Should we set out to make one? What should my friend call her little girl’s legal guardian that’s a little more intimate and personal than the somewhat formal and dramatic term “legal guardian”?

Your Thoughts?

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