A Simple Internet Vote Can Earn Secular Charities $50,000

UPDATE: The voting is over. And… YOU DID IT!! You won $90,000 for secular charities! The final totals are:

Secular Student Alliance – $50,000
Foundation Beyond Belief – $20,000
Camp Quest – $20,000

Thank you everyone who voted!!


You don’t have to give a dime of actual money to get one of three incredibly worthy secular charities as much as $50,000. Chase is going to award donations based on vote totals. There is the Secular Student Alliance, which provides resources and community to atheist students on college and high school campuses, The Foundation Beyond Belief, a charity devoted to humanitarian causes that fulfill the humanist ideal of compassion and concern for tangible people’s well being in the real world, and Camp Quest, a summer camp that teaches children about critical thinking and the world religions.

Hemant explains the voting process and offers a handy compendium of the necessary links:

As I’ve posted before, the top 46 charities are assured $50,000 or more.

How can you help?

If you’re on Facebook, you get two votes. If you want to vote for the Secular Student Alliance, go here. If you want to vote for the Foundation Beyond Belief, go here. If you want to vote for Camp Quest, go here.

Hate Facebook? Fine! Vote at Chasegiving.com for FBBSSA, or CQ!

We have only until midnight now.

Your Votes?

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