A Washable Keyboard

Given the frequency with which I irresponsibly eat near my computer, boy do I need something like this:

So, it makes me very happy it really exists!

Your Thoughts?

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  • http://langcultcog.com/traumatized DuWayne

    Personally, I like the k270 by Logitech (it’s on their list on the bottom of the page for the “washable” keyboard). It actually has drainage holes at the bottom of the keyboard for accidents and is also washable if you remove the batteries and let it dry after. It is a little slow on the uptake when it has to “wake up,” but works well enough – though next time I will be getting a blue tooth.

    I have had to rather thoroughly wash it twice now (Totally must have been the kids…Yup, it was the fiendish me-spawn…Totally *not* me…) and it handled hot water spray and soap beautifully. For that matter I am pretty sure the batteries would have been fine. I handled it essentially the same way they instruct you to handle their washable one.

    I need the wireless capability, because we have the desktop connected to the tee vee. The full size keyboard is needed because as well as watching web based tee vee, both of my kids (age four and ten) are using it to play learning games – the underlying learning game being computer literacy and…typing. Dave (the four year old) has even gotten fairly good at typing, in spite of very limited reading skills. And even though we have an old netbook with a broken screen that functions as a desktop, it works out easier for Caleb (the ten year old) to use the tee vee desktop for school stuff, because then I can more easily help him.

    I don’t think I’ll be gunning for the washable keyboard any time soon. I have a k120 (cheap corded) for the netbook, which I am guessing is just as washable as the cordless we use with the desktop and I could replace it six times before I hit the cost of this newfangled thing. I am not big on the waste, but honestly I don’t think it would be an issue. It too has drainage holes and seems to take a beating well. $60 bucks is awfully steep for a corded, basic keyboard and it kind of smacks of novelty.

  • starskeptic

    Call me when it’s machine washable…

    • SabsDkPrncs

      Yep, I’m holding out for the dishwasher-safe laptop.

  • JediBear

    The old IBM model M could be run through the dishwasher without incident

    • starskeptic

      There you go…

    • Randomfactor

      That’s one of the reasons I still USE my old IBM keyboard. They can have it when I’m finished beating the zombies to death with it, and it’ll still freaking work.

  • http://windaelicker.worpress.com mikmik

    Yes, and it fits in the dish rack, too.

  • Onamission5

    That is so awesome.

    Now they need to make washable lap tops that don’t also cost a million dollars– although given how many times I have had to pry my laptop apart to get at that one tiny traveling crumb which was making my keys all sticky, a million dollars might be worth it.

  • sc_edfac3296d4c5515f934912867c5f86b

    This is actually astonishingly useful if it’s inexpensive; hospital keyboards are now a major infection vector. Now if only we could do something about the doctors’ ties… Bowties for all, perhaps?

    • John Morales

      How do they do in an autoclave?

  • Ysanne

    I have a flexible silicone-rubber keyboard that can be rolled up and is waterproof. Price was $10 at a novelty stand in the mall. Extremely useful for wet and dirty environments (for me: around kids who haven’t grasped “don’t touch things with nutella/butter/snot/drool/wtf-is-that-stuff-anyway fingers”).