Australian Possum

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  • Dan J

    They seem so much cuter to me than the American variety.

  • pipenta

    Oh man, is that ever cute!

    Looks like teh love child of an opossum and a kitteh!

  • nohellbelowus

    Possum thinks a couple of squid tentacles would come in very handy right about now…

  • Trebuchet

    I always wonder: How come they’re “possums” in Australia, but “opossums” here? And why are theirs so cute while ours are so dang ugly?

  • grumpyoldfart

    I once had an orphaned possum as a (free range) pet. Sometimes I would give him a bowl of beans (a seven bean mix) and he always ate the red ones first. He also loved eating rose petals.

  • infraredeyes

    Being married to a New Zealander, I regard possums as egg-eating vermin. Their introduction to NZ was an environmental disaster. Cute, though, and a source of lovely fur.

  • Brian

    Interestingly, yhat’s a brushy, which while ubiquitous, is nowhere near the cutest of possums. Ringies are much cuter. But there’s a lot opossum species.

  • Rob

    Being a New Zealander, my response is KILL IT NOW!

    Very cute, and I believe endangered in Australia, but a rampant and destructive pest destroying our native ecosystem over here. Lovely fur though, just make sure it is sourced from NZ, not somewhere where the animal has a right to be.

  • phil

    Not so cute when they are mating in the ceiling above your bedroom while you are trying to sleep

  • maxdwolf


  • Michael

    The possum is marsupial. According to they diverged from opossums 95 million years ago!