Camel Happiness

I feel like I owe readers more camels on this blog, lest I get charged with false advertisement. And if Google search words that lead to my blog are any indication, there is a demand for posts on camel sex that I have not been meeting.

I do not, as of yet, have anything interesting to say about camel sex. But I do have this wonderfully happy camel picture. Hopefully it will do as a first step towards a blog that better lives up to its name.

Your Thoughts?

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About Daniel Fincke

Dr. Daniel Fincke  has his PhD in philosophy from Fordham University and spent 11 years teaching in college classrooms. He wrote his dissertation on Ethics and the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche. On Camels With Hammers, the careful philosophy blog he writes for a popular audience, Dan argues for atheism and develops a humanistic ethical theory he calls “Empowerment Ethics”. Dan also teaches affordable, non-matriculated, video-conferencing philosophy classes on ethics, Nietzsche, historical philosophy, and philosophy for atheists that anyone around the world can sign up for. (You can learn more about Dan’s online classes here.) Dan is an APPA  (American Philosophical Practitioners Association) certified philosophical counselor who offers philosophical advice services to help people work through the philosophical aspects of their practical problems or to work out their views on philosophical issues. (You can read examples of Dan’s advice here.) Through his blogging, his online teaching, and his philosophical advice services each, Dan specializes in helping people who have recently left a religious tradition work out their constructive answers to questions of ethics, metaphysics, the meaning of life, etc. as part of their process of radical worldview change.

  • Romeo Vitelli

    One hump or two?

  • Lance Armstrong

    Love those faces.

  • Bruce

    …how about more posts with hammers? Or Hammer…

  • ‘Tis Himself

    You’ve done camels, so when are you going to do hammers? Then there’s the conjunction of these two items which supposedly the blog commemorates.

  • Jeremy McMillan

    That picture would be slightly more apt if there was a way to make it orient to whichever side your blog’s ads are.

  • pipenta

    You’ve seen images of the camel beauty pageants, camel grooming contests? The fur is clipped and maybe even hennaed into fabulous designs worth of the most elegant carpets. It’s pretty out there.

  • Ace of Sevens

    Eh, I think Camels with Hammers is a pretty cool guy. Philosophizes and doesn’t afraid of anything.

  • Pierce R. Butler

    Can the camel give a Vulcan salute too?

  • BanzaiBoB

    Heehee – the absolute delight in the image put a smile on my face at the beginning of what promises to be a long and trying work-day. Thanks :)

    • Daniel Fincke


  • martalayton

    Dan, this is an awesome picture – so full of joy. Mind if I share it on my own blog?

    I feel like I should know this, but what does the blog title mean?

  • BenSix

    That picture is the best thing I’ve seen on any blog ever.

    • John Morales

      Pretty darn good, but needs more lion. ;)