Pat Robertson’s Run For President

26 years ago today, Pat Robertson resigned his position at the 700 Club in order to run for president. And he took the opportunity to oppose the end of apartheid in Africa. You know, because Communists:

‘The blacks in this country have made this whole matter into an extension of the United States civil right movement and I think they don’t understand what they’re dealing with really in this South African thing,” Mr. Robertson said.

”And so it becomes an American political issue to say if you want support among American blacks for American political office you have to bash South Africa,” he continued. ”I think that’s bad.”

Mr. Robertson urged the South African Government to exercise moderation in dealing with unrest, so as not to play into the hands of its enemies. Strategic Importance Stressed ‘I think if the Government would only realize the press reception, they play into this,” he said. ”The Communists want to incite riots and then the oppressive, truncheon-wielding police just give their enemies the fodder they need to hurt them. If they would really begin to use some moderation.”

He added: ”The media has just done an absolute hatchet job on South Africa and I think the reason, very frankly, is because the left wants to see South Africa fall. They don’t want a free Government.”

Is the man congenitally incapable of being morally and intellectually on the right side of any issue whatsoever??

Austin Cline dug up this video about his run, in which he expresses noxious views on gays, women, nonbelievers, and pretty much everything else he talks about:

Your Thoughts?

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