Reining It In

I love this commercial so much I just had to blog it already. My apologies if it’s one you’ve been inundated with on TV.

Your Thoughts?

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  • timberwoof

    Gas stations are noisy enough without pumps yelling at me and TVs blaring stupid commercials and entertaining me … now the damn car has to honk four times when I fill the tires? On top of that, the sensors cost thirty bucks per wheel every time you buy new tires. I’ll just carry a tire pressure gauge in the glovebox, thank you very much.

  • John Morales

    I don’t get its charm.

    (Annoying person deserves annoyance?)

    • Daniel Fincke

      I like the comedy of human weakness. I find his impetuousness identifiable and sweet and his conscientious obedience to the honks he needs to keep him in check to be cute.

    • John Morales


      (De gustibus non est disputandum)

  • Stevarious

    I sure could use a horn like that.

  • mikmik

    Yeah, the handshake and poker game are hilarious. Thing is, when you’ve seen a commercial for the 47th time in three days, it loses some of its charm.

    • Daniel Fincke

      for me it gets funnier

    • mikmik

      Actually, that does happen to me, too. I don’t mind the commercial at all, and I still find it funny. And yes, I also tell others when I find a commercial that uses a bit of intelligent, tongue in cheek, parody.

    • John Morales
  • Steve Schuler

    I suppose the atheist communmity could well use something like that to help individuals regulate their social behaviours, thus helping with the problem of diversity in the community.

    • John Morales

      Tyre inflation sensors as a social regulatory mechanism?

      (You are weird)

    • Steve Schuler

      John, somehow I don’t believe that you missed the commercial’s main character repeatedly responding to a horn that alerted him to violating social norms or otherwise imprudent behaviour.

      But you are still right, I am weird. :-)

      Is feigning density less weird?

    • John Morales

      Do you seriously think people could well use a car horn tooting when they violate social norms and that this somehow helping with the problem of diversity in the community within the atheist community?


      Is feigning density less weird?

      That depends on your degree of weirdness.

      (Dry humour ain’t your style, is it? ;))

    • Steve Schuler


      Actually I thought my little joke was quite dry, perhaps not quite as dry as a saltine cracker, but quite dry still.

      You evidently chose to construe my little joke as a serious suggestion. Why, I can only imagine…

      Also, I’d like to think that my degree of weirdness is quite high, possibly even exceeding your own, but weird in a better way.

  • thorgolucky

    Ugh, I so hate car horns now. A car alarm cacophony of rudeness has infested my neighborhood. Honk! (translation: I’m an asshole who can’t or won’t set my car alarm silently)