The Camels With Hammers Show: Bisexuality, Dialogue Between Atheists and Believers, Deconverting, and Right Wing Atheism

Over the summer I had a blast spending a day with the St. Cloud State University Secular Student Alliance. I wrote all about that day previously. I decided to relive the magic and share it with you by inviting some of the people I met onto The Camels With Hammers Show. We wound up not having a freewheeling discussion but instead I essentially did four interviews, each fifteen minutes.

The first quarter of the video I asked bisexual activist and exciting new blogger Patrick RichardsFink about various misconceptions and theories of bisexuality. Then I had an illuminating discussion with atheist seminarian Paul Larson about how to dialogue constructively and effectively with religious believers. Then Katie C. discussed the lengths she went to try to believe in God (including going all the way to Africa as a missionary) and how she finally came to terms with being an atheist and where she has gone from there. Finally, we talked with another atheist about his frustrations with implications that to be an atheist requires being a leftist politically. So, enjoy either the entire video or the quarters that most interest you:

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