ZJ Sifts the Effects of Hormone Replacement Therapy from the Effects of Sexism

The incredibly talented vlogger and transgendered woman Zinnia Jones has begun hormone replacement therapy (HRT). She wants to be open about the internal changes that are going on with the increase of estrogen and the decrease of testosterone in her body but she recognizes that there are a number of challenges in accurately interpreting and articulating her experience. A large part of the problem is how much sexist stereotypes shape our conceptions of what it is to be a woman or to be a man. She explains in fascinating detail many of the interpretive pitfalls she has to navigate in the video below:

ZJ has a transcript of this video at her terrific blog at Freethought Blogs.

In the spring, I posted a video of actual sexual reassignment surgery and at the end of that post I included another trans woman’s interpretations of the changes she experienced after hormone replacement therapy.

Your Thoughts?

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  • http://almulhida.wordpress.com/ Almulhida

    After more than a year on estrogen and about half a year on testosterone blockers I have to say I’ve noticed zero cognitive changes this entire time. Everything she says is spot on, but even with all the difficulties in sifting out what changes are due to what, it’s entirely possible to go through all of that and still feel no subjective difference it seems.

  • http://quinesqueue.blogspot.com Quine

    Excellent post. Thanks Dan and ZJ.

  • Brad

    Apparently transgender is preferred to transgendered now. Used to be the other way 20 years ago I think. Check her comment threads, or some threads in the A+ forums for more detail from people that know way more about the topic.

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    Very good subject. One that we know well. Thanks so much for sharing.