Are You A Talented Skeptical Writer Under 30 Thinking of Blogging?

There are few better ways to worm your way into blogosphere notoriety than to get guest blogging opportunities. So if you do sometimes contemplate being a blogger, I would take note that The Heresy Club is offering skeptics under 30 a chance to guest post on their platform. The Heresy Club is a group of talented and insightful young activists whom (as you can see above) I had a great time interviewing last week. They describe themselves, the opportunity they are offering, and how to submit to them, as follows:

We started off with five writers, and as of October 2012 have eight, half of whom have since been invited onto national TV. Typical posts get hundreds of hits daily, and popular ones get thousands; we’re known across the blogosphere, including at sites likePatheosFreethought Blogsr/atheism and the National Secular Society’s in the UK, where things we publish frequently get linked.

Several of us get regular speaking invitations or interview requests, and some of them have gained that attention through writing here. In short, we’re doing well – and as a result, people often get in touch wanting to write for us. Because of this, we’re now accepting submissions for guest posts.

If you’ve got a young skeptics’ post you’d like to publish, or you want to pitch an idea for an unwritten one, e-mail and we’ll talk about it. Based on how many expressions of interest we get, we don’t expect to publish everything submitted; rather, our current writers’ favourite guest post will go up on the last Friday of every month, beginning with November 2012.

If you write a specific, one-off post for us, this is how you can. And if you want to join our site as a regular blogger, this is your audition.

The first writers to blog for The Heresy Club were all invited, and in exceptional cases – where someone has an established output, audience and writing talent – we’ll continue to approach people in future, but if you want to join up with us (which means being a young atheist or skeptic, approximately under 30, and committing to at least two posts a month) the way to do that is to write a guest post which impresses.

This page will be updated once guest posts are an established feature, but for now, we look forward to hearing from you!

I have also written a post full of tips for prospective bloggers and for existing bloggers looking to become more successful that may also be of some use to you.

Your Thoughts?

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