“Find Your Understanding”

In this heartwarming commercial, a man overcomes his qualms in order to appreciate and celebrate his daughter’s happiness in marrying another woman.

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  • http://physicalism.wordpress.com Physicalist

    Wish my father could be that understanding towards my sister.

  • http://criticallyskeptic-dckitty.blogspot.com Katherine Lorraine, Chaton de la Mort

    T^T I need a tissue.

    What scares me most about who I am is having to one day come out as trans to my parents – who are both Evangelical Christians. It scares me so much to think that there’s going to be a point in the future where phone calls will never happen, where birthdays and Thanksgivings and things like that will stop. I have to be me, I can’t lie about it anymore cause it’s killing me inside, but if I am me, then I could lose my family.

    • http://patheos.com/blogs/camelswithhammers/ Daniel Fincke

      I’m so sorry, Katherine. Do you think there is any way you can ease them into the concept of transgenderism before identifying yourself? Have you considered reaching out to Melissa at the Patheos atheist blog Permission to Live. Her process of coming to terms with her spouse’s transgenderism after having been raised (and courted her spouse) in a patriarchal Quiverful context was amazing and heartening to read. Let us know if there is anything any of us can do to help you.

  • Goldstein Squad Member

    “Goest thou to woman?” “Do not forget thy whip!”

    • http://patheos.com/blogs/camelswithhammers/ Daniel Fincke

      “Goest thou to woman?” “Do not forget thy whip!”

      Relevance? And why the artificially archaic translation?