How Well Do You Discriminate Colors?

Take this fun test to find out how well you discriminate colors. I got a 7 on the scale of 0-99, where 0 is the lowest. I figured I hadn’t done quite perfect but just got impatient fiddling with it.

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Your Thoughts?

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  • doomedd

    I got 61. I guess I can’t see subtle colours differences. On the other hand, I always got the impression that ordinary people obsess with esthetics when I care about functionality. I wonder if, somehow, this way of thinking could reduce my colour discrimination since I am not used to care about colour.

  • Chris McLaughlin

    7. Age 43. Not bad.

  • Daniel H.

    Age 20 and a perfect score (0) here.

  • machintelligence

    Age 64 and a score of 24. Top 25% anyway.

  • Lucy Mayne

    Age 24, and, to my surprise, a perfect score. Maybe I do have some latent artistic talents…

  • qbsmd

    Age 29, score 4. All 4 of my errors were in the blue range, and were consecutive.

  • Greg G.

    Age 56 and scored a 46. My errors were mostly in the blue range with a few in the red. I’m like doomedd, preferring utility over esthetics.

  • Mogg

    Late 30′s, score 12. As always, the areas I got the most mistakes were the blue to purple and pink to orange sections. I have always had slightly different colour perception to most other people in those shades, manifesting mostly as disagreeing with my family on the colour of the curtains in my parents’ lounge room. They’re orange!

  • Rubbs

    Age 26 male here. Got a perfect score. Much to my surprise.

  • Matti

    4, age 31 male. Something that occurred to me is the test could be rather sensitive to the quality of your display (older TN-type TFT displays are especially bad at accurate color reproduction).

  • Baal

    16 – my errors were clustered in similar positions in every bar regardless of color axis (around a third in from either end).

  • Droopy

    24 Male, score of 8. Better than I expected to do.