A Hero Teacher Tells Her Story of How She Protected Her Students

I found this interview with Kaitlin Roig heartbreaking.

My heart goes out to all affected by this awful tragedy.

Your Thoughts?

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  • John Moriarty

    so very very moving, a brave brave woman.

  • Darwinian Disciple

    If only she had a gun, she could have taken him out.

    • Alan

      Or she could have gotten herself killed and given up her children’s hiding place and got them all killed too as she played internet rambo.

  • Gwynnyd

    Darwinian Disciple – did you mean to put a sarcasm tag on that? *IF* a teacher has a gun, I would hope it was *securely* locked away from the prying hands and inquisitive minds of the children in their classroom. I know someone who lost their 3 year old to a gun in a nightstand drawer – because *their* child would never, ever look in there when he had been told not to. I would remove my child from a classroom if I knew the teacher had a gun in it..

  • Niemand

    As far as I know, there has NEVER been an incident in which a bystander with a gun stopped a massacre. Certainly it would be unlikely in this case, since the perpetrator wore a bulletproof vest. There have been several recent cases in which a bystander with a gun made the situation worse by shooting other bystanders. The incident in Arizona, for example. But taking out the gunman? Apparently, it just doesn’t happen. This is remarkable, given that there are 88 guns per 100 people in the US. If the “shoot the gunman” model were even slightly feasible, you’d expect someone to have done so by now. One hopes that people don’t bring their guns to a grade school, but in a concealed carry state, they likely do bring them to movie theaters, malls, political events, etc. And yet…it just doesn’t happen. What does that say about the feasibility of a gun as a defensive weapon?