Hegel, I Goethe Goethe Have You ‘Cause I Nietzsche Nietzsche Nietzsche So Bad

A charmingly silly song composed with many German philosophers’ last names by J. Boor:

Even apart from the novelty value, it’s a catchy tune in the vein of Stephen Merritt of the Magnetic Fields. Buy the song for just a dollar and/or read the lyrics here.

Casey Charllotte Carr comments in the spirit of the song at YouTube: “This video receives the highest Marx! I have listened to it from many different Engels.”

Many thanks to Julie and Francesca for the find!

Your Thoughts?

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  • Dianna Clark

    You are an insufferable idiot and are offensive and rediculous the way you think you are “reaching out” to atheists. I pity anyone who reads yur filth about something you obviously do not have a clue about. Stop being so self important as to think you know anything about what you were spouting. Atheists are not described by your words, just another stupid christian trying to ” bring us back into the fold” of corrupt power mongers who think they know what is best for anyone other than themselves. Go back to church and try your idiots logic on those naive dummie you came from. STFU!!!!!!!!!

    • abn

      That’s a bit harsh.

    • vorjack

      Not a big fan of novelty songs? German philosophy? Puns?

  • abn

    Cute but monty python’s philosopher song is better.

    • J. J. Ramsey

      Yeah, but the other song is more punny.