Penn and Teller on the Boy Scouts

Penn’s inartful, gratuitous abusive language throughout the video is a quite a bore, but the information is important.

Your Thoughts?

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  • Laurent Weppe

    Speaking of Scouts, apparently, the belgian boy scouts recently decided to erase any reference to God in their oath:

  • A Theist

    I am working on play about Anti Theist bigots operating in the Kansas City area.

    There will be students, an insane lawyer, and a Russian immigrant raised under an Officially Atheistic educational system as protagonists.

    • baal

      Sounds lovely? About time someone did a send up of Penn Gillette? You do know that writing your opponents into humiliating or ‘just so’ positions is both easy to do and trite? I’m guessing the students and lawyer will wind up dead from hedonistic excess and the 3rd will be ‘saved’ by the selfless act of a weak and poor person and now having witnessed virtue will suddenly be filled by the wholey spirits and thank God for existing?

      I wish you luck getting a venue and backers.