Breaking Writer’s Block

A friend just asked me what I do when I get writer’s block.

This was a well timed question as I was just at that moment she asked planning to employ one of my most trusted methods to break my regular writer’s block that’s been plaguing me of late.

I think the most important thing for me to do is to not consider myself under the obligation to write about any specific thing. I lose both my motivation and my ease in writing when I have a strong sense that I must write some particular thing. Really what’s best for me is to ditch even the ideas I’ve been most anxious to get to and have built up all sorts of expectations around. Sometimes it’s easier for me to just open up the internet see what the first thing that sparks a response from me is and just write about that. I became a prolific blogger churning out thousands of words a day in the first place by desperately procrastinating my dissertation that I was supposed to be working on and instead just going online everyday and interacting. Then I was able to go finish the dissertation.

So just a few minutes ago I had no idea about what to write about. But now I have a little post on writer’s block because it was the first thing I saw on the internet when I looked for something. And now I feel much freer to go write about something more in keeping with what I normally would.

Your Thoughts?

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