An Arty Take On Britney Spears

I always loved the chorus to this song, so I’m glad to see someone open up the artistic possibilities within the whole concept. Yaël Naïm’s “Toxic”:

Your Thoughts?

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  • –bill

    My thought is that you might want to learn how to spell “Britney”.

  • Daniel Schealler

    Whenever I come across something like this, I’m left a but dumbstruck.

    I’m still not entirely sure what I just listened to. :p

    At times it seemed off, but the tension between the way it was off and the original had it’s own effect – kind of like an overtone, but for the brain rather than the ears – that was itself as or even more interesting than what was going on on either side of that tension.

    I’m going to have to listen to that a few more times before I know what to make of it, methinks.


    On the theme of remakes of Britney’s songs: This one isn’t as arty as the one you linked to, but was still an interesting example of the different directions in which an artist can take the same song, completely changing tone and feel.