The Humanist Service Corps–A Peace Corps For Humanists

Foundation Beyond Belief continues to grow in inspiring directions. Their newest announcement is of their “Pathfinders Project” which will lay the ground for a humanist equivalent of the Peace Corps called the Humanist Service Corps:

Here is what they are raising money for:

We need $16,150 more to fully fund the project for this year which in part will go toward activities in Siem Reap, Cambodia, Bridge of Life School. Here’s where your contributions will be going (the figures are variable):

Travel: $4,000
Insurance: $1,000
Housing: $2,500
Food: $1,000
Project Donations (for construction materials, etc.): $6,250
Pathfinder Stipends: $400
Contingency & Misc $1,000

We’ve subtracted the $40,000 to be raised by the four Pathfinders and grants leaving us with a $16,150 deficit.

Donate here:

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