Help A Doubter This International Day of Doubt

Mark Nebo of Be Secular and Sarah Morehead of Recovery From Religion Foundation have a great idea: an International Day of Doubt. June 1st they want to inaugurate this new day encouraging people to conscientiously explore their doubts as good things and to appreciate the positive role that doubting can play in our lives. In particular, they want to make it a day where people are encouraged to find trusted confidantes and express their doubts that they bottle up for fear of social repercussions. Here are their excellent suggestions for a status update we can post on our Facebook and Google+ pages:


The path of a freethinker isn’t always an easy one. It forces you to challenge what you have been taught, and often to challenge the very foundations of your belief. Many struggle with their belief, with doubt, with the emotional burden of having questions with no certain answers, and with the threat of losing their friends, family or community upon speaking openly about their true thoughts and feelings.

If you accept this event notification, we ask you to post this as your status on the morning of June 1st 2013.

Friends, if you no longer believe or are struggling with your faith, you are NOT alone. Many people have been where you are. Please send me a private message if you would like to talk about your doubts. I will keep your information and our conversation private, and I will do my best to answer your questions and provide support and resources to you as my friend. If you aren’t comfortable messaging me, please consider visiting the Facebook page of Recovering From Religion and asking your question there, either publicly on their wall or via confidential private message.

If you are comfortable with your position as a non-believer, please re-share. The struggles to reconcile doubt can be extremely challenging, and by doing this you could save someone’s life.


Hopefully each of you will get at least one note from a person who is struggling with doubt. This is a very simple pledge that you can take that could literally save a life, and we appreciate your support!

If you’re a doubter on the verge of atheism and yet you can’t just pull the trigger, I recommend you this post I wrote last month. For those of you who like catching up Camels With Hammers discussions from back in the first few months, when hardly anyone was reading, below are two posts in which I talked about doubt and why I think it is incompatible with faith. The second is a rather long and wide ranging half of an exchange I did with a Christian minister:

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Soul Searching With Clergy Guy

Your Doubts?

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