Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal


Hey girl, speaking of Ryan Gosling, did you know that I wrote movie reviews from time to time too? Here is one I wrote about the film Lars and the Real Girl (starring Ryan Gosling) in which I praised it for the moving way it depicted a humanist ideal for caring for those with mental illness: “Therapeutic Projection” or “How Lars and the Real Girl Made Me Cry”. I cried because I’m sensitive like that.

Dan Fincke Says “Hey Girl”, I cry at movies that treat mentally ill people like they matter.

Your Thoughts?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/maja.leibovitz Maja Leibovitz

    Great review. I enjoyed the movie as well. It reminded me of a time when a very violent women who definitely lost touch with reality was uncontrollable and I, being frustrated that I had to be exposed to this insanity all night long, went up to her and echoed all her words back at her to the point that we were practically in a Don Quixote book and she really believed her reality to be true with my affirmations to enhance that belief, she was beyond euphoric and shut the fuck up for the entire evening so I was euphoric as well as onlookers were surprised I subdued her. Lol. This was before even watching the movie. It’s known you should never not believe someone else’s beliefs especially if they seem to be far from the truth. The further from the truth, the more you should believe, dissent is not good amongst certain types, look at religion. Those type of people can be dangerous. But in situations like the one depicted in this movie, that issue did not present itself. The one thing that was really skewed, at least from the perspective of reality in western medicine on mental health is the human ideal for caring for those with mental illness. This is so far removed from the truth that it was difficult to even believe it in a movie reality where it’s ok to overlook the obvious contradictions to actual reality to stay within the storyline. Mental disease is an affliction where you are stigmatized and a pariah indefinitely and has formed a group that has been abandoned and ignored into acquiescent silence and thrown into a social hierarchy where you are systematically taken away your freedom, denied due process, and given pills that perform medical lobotomies as you become you a shadow of yourself and foolishly follow the illogical guidelines without even understanding the constant violation of your human rights. It helps to understand a failed system before you enter. Lol. But the movie all in all was well done in a fantasy perspective like watching Narnia or something. Haha