Shocking! Religious zealot (and American citizen!) calls for the destruction of the United States!

Thanks to Stevarious for the video and the title to this post.

Your Thoughts?

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  • Shira Coffee

    First, he’s done worse than this before, by calling out individuals as wicked — individuals who were later stalked by his listeners. (Hope I recall the story correctly — I can’t quite recall the name of the professor who was stalked.)

    By comparison, this one is at least impersonal, more or less. I suppose it might result in an uptick in activity against abortion clinics in New York, but I hope not.

    Thing is, we all understand his feelings that some people in this country are creating problems for other people in this country. Granted, it feels uncomfortable to be described as part of the army of evil, who will be responsible for the destruction of the country. But I’m guessing you aren’t worried much about divine vengeance, so why take it personally?

    I have recently had a series of chance encounters (unexpected references) to the Aghatavinaya Sutta, so these words are at the top of my mind of late: “And as for a person who is impure in his bodily behavior & verbal behavior, and who does not periodically experience mental clarity & calm, how should one subdue hatred for him?Just as when there is a sick man — in pain, seriously ill — traveling along a road, far from the next village & far from the last, unable to get the food he needs, unable to get the medicine he needs, unable to get a suitable assistant, unable to get anyone to take him to human habitation. Now suppose another person were to see him coming along the road. He would do what he could out of compassion, pity, & sympathy for the man, thinking, ‘O that this man should get the food he needs, the medicine he needs, a suitable assistant, someone to take him to human habitation. Why is that? So that he won’t fall into ruin right here.’ In the same way, when a person is impure in his bodily behavior & verbal behavior, and who does not periodically experience mental clarity & calm, one should do what one can out of compassion, pity, & sympathy for him, thinking, ‘O that this man should abandon wrong bodily conduct and develop right bodily conduct, abandon wrong verbal conduct and develop right verbal conduct, abandon wrong mental conduct and develop right mental conduct….”

  • Marta L.

    Abraham called on God to spare all of Sodom and Gomorrah if he could find even ten righteous people; Beck says God will have to destroy all of America in spite of the millions trying to do the right thing.

    I’m with Shira, this isn’t so outlandish for Beck. But it’s still so thoroughly wrong, it’s almost funny.