Hug An Atheist Documentary, Teaser Clip

It’s HUG AN ATHEIST DAY!!! Hug me!

And speaking of hugging atheists… Both last November and then again at the American Atheists convention this March, Belgian filmmaker Sylvia Broeckx interviewed me for Hug An Atheist. I hung out with her and her husband Niels Puttemans a great deal at the American Atheists convention. They’re lovely people and I was always on the lookout for ways I could make introductions so they could score great interview subjects. Sylvia’s plan for the documentary is a great one. In order to dispel misconceptions and to humanize atheists, she has been meeting with ordinary American atheists, talking to them about how they find meaning and values and hope in their lives, and joining them for different sorts of events. In honor of Hug An Atheist Day she has just released a teaser trailer and it’s really beautiful. Among others it features Hemant Mehta, Greg Epstein, and Teresa MacBain. It leads with David Silverman on a FOX News show dealing with some appallingly insulting and dehumanizing dismissiveness. I mean, really shocking. Who asks another human being a question like that? Who presumes something like that?

The film will be out in September. Learn more about the film. If you have any sort of role where you can help get films shown or distributed, consider being in touch with Sylvia.

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