Introducing Theists’ Thursdays At Camels With Hammers! Tell Your Theistic Friends!

Last April, I had an exciting influx of theistic readers when my article about why atheists resent being told we are going to hell got the attention of Real Clear Religion and Slacktivist. This attention was so relatively big that I was interviewed on the radio for the first time, by Drew Marshall. And while so many theists were still hanging around, I was grateful to have a ton of replies from them on my  piece about why I define faith philosophically as inherently irrational and immoral.

But with my chaotic teaching schedule and so many irons in the fire, I have not yet done justice to all the theists who gave me their attention and feedback on those posts (or on many others over the years). And as the tone of the blog frequently shifts away from directly addressing theists and back to addressing my predominantly atheistic readership, it seems like most my theistic readers either  wandered away or stopped regularly chiming in.

SO. I have decided to devote Thursdays henceforth to addressing theists. If you theists out there are bored or put off by what I do the other 6 days of the week, that’s fine. Thursdays are for you. Thursdays, I’m going to address your concerns, your challenges, your blog posts, your e-mails, your Facebook comments, your comments section participation. I hope to be able to get ahead and advance write these posts to guarantee a steady stream on Thursdays.

I welcome you to start today sending me e-mails at camelswithhammers @gmail dot com for me to consider responding to. Write out your own questions, criticisms, defenses, etc. Link me to blog posts or articles you think I would have trouble answering or which speak for you. Use this comments section to get our discussion rolling and I will either write replies to what you say in the comments or in future posts or by linking you to past posts which already address some of what you want and can help us advance our discussion. To help orient you to how to be most effective in getting a good conversation with me and my commenters going, please read this post. I find a lot of theists are as much or more interested in learning about my personal story of how I became an atheist as they are in dealing with my arguments for atheism. If you’re one of those theists, you may profit a lot from reading my posts on how I deconverted from conservative Evangelical Christianity.

I also encourage my atheist readers to stick around and help give theistic commenters attention and responses beyond what I can personally do. And share this post or others in the series with your theistic friends and family or other interlocutors that you think might benefit from this engagement project. Remember, everyone, theist or atheist, to abide as closely as you can by my civility pledge while posting here so that we can have as constructive and enjoyable discussions as we can.

Last but not least, I want to advertise that on Sundays I will be regularly featuring dialogues, both fictional and with other real people (whether written or over video) and hopefully some of those will be with theists too. If you are a theistic blogger, clergy person, professor, seminarian, graduate student, theology or philosophy major, author, activist, etc. and you would like to debate or discuss with, me whether in writing or on video, be in touch and hopefully I can slot you in for a Sunday feature in the future!

So, in the comments below, I would love it if all you theists who read this would introduce yourselves, help orient me and my readers to exactly what your own positions are (since everyone thinks a little differently and if we don’t straighten out what each other as an individuals believe, we risk talking past each other). You can also take a shot at explaining why you think we atheists are wrong or posing questions to me and others here.

Welcome again!

Your Introductions and Thoughts?

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