Live CWH Show Thursday (8/1/13) 9:30pm-11pm To Debate The Holocaust Memorial Controversy

UPDATE: The show advertised throughout this post has now happened, so you can watch it below and/or read the transcript by going here:

Or watch this other version (they’re identical) if that one doesn’t work for you.

There were a few last minute changes to the line up as Robby Bensinger, Heina Dadhaboy, Mark Hatcher, and Miri Mogilevsky did not make it. Russell Glasser of The Atheist Experience and Trever Boeckmann, who wrote an article critically analyzing Freedom From Religion Foundation’s overall legal strategy in the spring appeared instead. Below is the original post advertising this event.

Thursday night, August 1, from 9:30pm-11pm, The Camels With Hammers Show returns for the first episode of season 2 with a diverse panel of secularist activists to civilly and vigorously discuss and debate any and all controversial issues related to Ohio’s plans to erect a monument prominently using the Star of David to memorialize victims of the Holocaust on the grounds of the state legislature and the decisions of the Freedom From Religion Foundation and American Atheists to publicly oppose this. The panel discussion will take place Google On Air. There should be a livestreaming embed of the video on the event page, also on my YouTube channel, and, assuming I can get it to work, in a blog post streaming live on Camels With Hammers as the show goes on. Video will be available afterwards in the same blog post created to stream the show live.

I reached out three different ways to the Freedom From Religion Foundation to see if they will send a representative to participate but have not heard from them yet. But American Atheists agreed to send Dave Muscato and possibly another person. The rest of the people who have committed to participate are, in alphabetical order, student activist and blogger at Nothing is Mere Robby Bensinger, Harvard Humanist and blogger at Temple of the Future James Croft, Ex-Muslim and Skepchick blogger Heina Dadabhoy, Center For Inquiry’s Director for the Office of Public Policy Michael De Dora, Secular Coalition For America Pennsylvania Co-Chair and member of the board of directors for Pennsylvania Non-Believers Brian Fields, African Americans for Humanism Advisory Committee member, CFO of Black Atheists of America, and founder of the Howard University Secular Student Alliance Mark Hatcher, skeptic at “Independent Investigations Group” and blogger at The Odds Must Be Crazy Wendy Hughes, blogger at The Merely Real and former president of the University of Chicago Secular Student Alliance Chana Messinger, blogger at Brute Reason Miri Mogilevsky, Ask an Atheist producer Sam Mulvey, skeptic and small business owner Mallorie Nasrallah, member of the St. Cloud State Secular Student Alliance, bisexual activist, and blogger at Eponymous Fliponymous and The Huffington Post Patrick RichardsFink, and the Development Director at the Secular Student Alliance and lawyer Neil Wehneman.

The show will last from 9:30pm until around 11pm. We will have a mostly freewheeling conversation that I will moderate using provocative questions that often don’t hide my own positions. Each participant will be limited as to how much of the show they can take up, with a few people allotted more time than others. For example, any representatives from AA or FFRF will receive more time than typical guests since they can authoritatively speak for organizations directly under scrutiny. People with particular legal expertise will be given extra priority as well. And I will balance time allotments so that both critics and defenders of FFRF’s letter opposing the memorial get roughly equal time overall. I’ll let each individual know in advance on the night of the show how much time they’ll be afforded. Once someone’s used up the time allotted them, they’ll swap out and someone fresh who has not yet had the chance to be on video will swap into the discussion. I have arranged a time keeper to manage this process.

Please plan to tune in and spread the word in your corner of the atheist, secularist, skeptics, humanist, public policy, and legal community. For a round up of links from various sources about the issues under discussion, see this post.

For previous episodes of The Camels With Hammers Show and a nearly full archive of my video and audio appearances, see The Camels With Hammers audiovisual page.

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