My July, from CONvergence to FtBConscience to CFI Student Leadership Conference

(left to right) Dan Fincke, Heina Dadabhoy, Debbie Goddard, Bridget Landry, PZ Myers

So, somewhat unexpectantly, I wound up booked for several very exciting opportunities to give talks here in the month of July. Earlier in this month, on July 7, I was on a panel at CONvergence called “Science: Friends or Foes?” Alongside me were Heina Dababhoy from Skepchick, Debbie Goddard, who is the Director of Outreach at CFI, from NASA, and Bridget Landry from NASA and PZ Myers from Pharyngula. Although the panel was lopsidedly in agreement on most points, there were a few points of contention between us and then some interesting audience members who sparred with us. I am grateful to Jason Thibeault who quickly made an audio recording of the panel available online. Soon there should also be video and a transcript. I was quite pleased with the number of points important to me that I got around to making so it should be worth listening to or watching or reading the transcript if you like the way I think about or phrase things.

Next up, tomorrow (Friday, July 19 at 9pm Eastern Time) I will be appearing at the innovative and exciting online conference being put on by my former colleagues at Freethought Blogs called FtBConscience. Freethought Blogs’ owner Ed Brayton has done me the honor of placing me on a panel he will be moderating on the topic of critical thinking. I will be on with and Reasonable Doubts co-host . Check out the for FtBConscience as it is chock full of genuinely interesting topics covered by genuinely interesting people. The whole thing can be watched on YouTube live without any expense of travel or hotels and you can contribute questions for panelists as panels are going.

Finally, I am extremely honored and excited that Debbie Goddard and CFI On Campus field organizer Sarah Kaiser have invited me to present at CFI’s 2013 Student Leadership Conference the weekend of July 25-28 at CFI-Transnational in Amherst, NY. It means a lot to me to have the privilege to address the incredibly inspiring, talented, passionate, idealist student leaders who are the hope of this movement.

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