Getting Rapid Response For Embattled Atheist Students

Many Camels With Hammers fans may have first discovered Neil Wehneman two weeks ago when he was a panelist on The Camels With Hammers Show to discuss the Ohio Holocaust memorial controversy. Though he only deconverted from Christianity two years ago he is already the Secular Student Alliance’s development director. In the interview above with Mark Nebo of Be Secular he describes an invaluable new position the SSA is raising funds to create. Then he tells his interesting personal story of his former Christianity and how he deconverted.

Below are details about the Rapid Response position that they’re presently looking to fund and soon will be looking to staff. Tax-deductible donations to the program can be made here through the SSA’s partnership with Be Secular. (Mark and Shanon Nebo of Be Secular are good friends of Camels With Hammers. Mark even helps me run the Facebook page for this site, Shanon has guest posted here before, and Mark interviewed me two weeks ago.)

Part organizer, part crisis manager, part mediator, and part journalist, the Rapid Response Organizer (RRO) will travel anywhere in the country on short notice to support and amplify the work of secular students.

When secular students find themselves in a firestorm of controversy for insisting on the separation of government and religion, the RRO will ensure students know they are not alone and that an entire movement stands beside them.

When secular students are denied the same rights as other students, the RRO will document the situation, educate the administration on the law, and escalate to legal resources if less formal resolution fails.

When secular students do especially amazing work, such as two SSA affiliate groups in Minnesota putting on a large scale conference on secularism and technology, the RRO will be there to document exactly how other groups can replicate that scale of work.

And the next time a public school administration brings in a preacher, a secular student stands up for their rights, or a secular student group is going the extra mile on their amazing project, they will know the Rapid Response Organizer will be there, ready and able to support their secular activism.

Help us make this vision a reality. We estimate the total annual cost of the RRO will be $100,000 (a figure we break down in our FAQ). We will be fundraising from July 25, 2013 to September 25, 2013. Once we reach our goal, we will begin interviewing candidates so we can make the organizer available as soon as possible.

Contribute today. Start up your own campaign page. Then, share that page with your friends.

Together, we can continue empowering students for a more secular future. Thank you.

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