I Want YOU To Join Me On Camels With Hammers Show Panels

Back in July I created for myself a posting schedule according to which I now aim to post on a specific topic regularly each day of the week. Mondays I try to write on interpersonal ethics and social justice. Tuesdays are for topics that especially matters to atheists. Wednesdays are for straight up philosophy. Theists’ Thursdays are for engaging with theists. Fridays are for philosophical advice in response to reader’s questions or posts about how to live well and ethically. Saturdays are for posts on Nietzsche. Sundays are for written or video dialogues between me and other people or fictional philosophical dialogues I write in the voices of characters. I did pretty well at keeping this schedule throughout most of July and then got totally derailed when my attention got absorbed with the Ohio Holocaust Memorial controversy and then when I struggled to get back in a writing groove generally in August.

But, I soon hope to get back to regularly posting on the intended schedule. And when I do, I intend to produce more episodes of The Camels With Hammers Show. And when I do that what I want to do is have more panel discussions like we had for discussing the Ohio Holocaust Memorial controversy. And one of the things that most excited me about how that show came together was that, along with a few friends, on short notice I managed to rustle several qualified participants who were invaluable to the success of the show but whom I did not know at all personally beforehand.

And given the success of the panel format, I am inclined to stop making The Camels With Hammers Show usually about a one on one interview and instead do episodes around controversial issues, philosophical problems, or atheist perspectives on various areas of life. And to do this, I want to bring on atheist activists from across the movement, (primarily) atheist academics with a range of specializations, and everyday atheists from a range of walks of life.

Now I’m not a professional producer. I am going to be creative and bold as I can about reaching out to people outside the narrow bounds of the atheist blogosphere to the larger atheist movement and beyond the narrow bounds of the atheist movement to the larger world in looking for guests. But if you write to me at camelswithhammers@gmail dot com or using Facebook with a little bit about yourself, your background, your vocation, your areas of knowledge, your ideas for topics for shows, etc., I may reach out to you at any time in the coming weeks or months to see if you want to participate in The Camels With Hammers Show. So don’t be shy about reaching out! And don’t feel rejected if I never get around to asking you on.

Also, if you are someone who does academic research of any kind that you think has implications for our understanding about atheism, religion, theism, etc. that you’d like to talk about to a popular audience, consider writing to me about writing a guest post. If you do not want to use your real name when publicly advancing views that promote atheism or criticize a religion for some reason, I am happy to protect your anonymity with a pseudonym.

To keep up with all the video and podcast projects I participate in, remember to regularly check back with my audio/visual page, for which there is a permanent tab atop the blog.

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