I’m in a Calendar

The Humanists of Florida has put together a really cool calendar with pictures and quotes from their upcoming conference’s scheduled speakers (James Randi, Dale McGowan, Seth Andrews, Sarah Morehead, Jennifer Hancock, Bridgett Crutchfield, Daniel Fincke, Nate Phelps, Darrel Ray, D.J. Grothe, Alix Jules, Dave Silverman). Since I am on that roster, I am in the calendar:

Support grassroots humanism by picking up a calendar, whether you can make it to this particular conference or not. There is still time to register for the conference and meet me and many other humanists the first weekend in November at the Radisson Hotel Orlando. To get the conference rate of only $84 to stay in the same hotel as the conference, you need to make your reservation by Thursday, October 10. Remember, if you are coming to the conference and want to hear me speak, plan to stay until the end, 6:10pm on Sunday night to hear me as I am up last.

Also, if you fill out this form with a donation to help sponsor me and/or another speaker, they are offering you a range of rewards:

Amethyst: Mention by the Master of Ceremonies: $25

Ruby: Professional photo with the speaker of your choice (Attendees only): $50

Sapphire: Professional photo with 2 speakers of your choice taken separately (Attendees only): $75

Diamond: Professional photo with 2 speakers of your choice together (Attendees only): $100

A la Carte:
-Your name will be listed next to the speaker on the website and programs: $250 (if you would like to sponsor more than one speaker please email bridget @ floridahumanist.org)

-2 Mentions on Twitter: $25

-Calendar featuring speakers: $15 each (limit 4)

-Contest: $5 per entry (limit 4)

You can donate here.

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