My Appearance on A-News

Sunday night, I went on the A-News podcast and chatted with Lee Moore, Brian Allen, and Carl Franke for an hour about the historicity of Jesus, whether there is any knowledge besides scientific kinds, ethics, my online classes and philosophical counseling services, Oprah’s views on what makes someone an atheist, whether humans are awesome or awful, and more. You can listen here.

Your Thoughts?

"Congrats, dear! I'm so glad you both found each other."

Our Wedding Video
"Wonderful. But as an atheist, non-religious, why marriage? There must be a column in that."

Our Wedding Video
"On October 29, 2016 I married my wife, Lex.Yup, she definetly looks better with hair. ..."

Our Wedding Video
"Ahhhhhh! This is beautiful! :)"

Our Wedding Video

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