Atheist Community Rallies Behind Josiah “BibleName”

Josiah “BibleName” Mannion is a professional cameraman who has done a lot of work for the secular community. When his camera broke and he couldn’t afford to fix it, Sarah Morehead of Recovering From Religion put out the call for help and within 24 hours raised $1,300 for him. Below is a little vieo for those of us who couldn’t be at the celebration at which he was gifted a new camera.

During the summer, Josiah donated hours and hours to Camels With Hammers in order to transcribe more than four hours of The Camels With Hammers Show. The first video he transcribed was the two hour special episode we did about whether a plan to put a Holocaust memorial prominently featuring a Star of David on the Ohio statehouse grounds violated separation of church and state. Then he transcribed the entirety of my interview with John Hazlet, my best friend from college who is gay and, at the time of the interview, was a monk. I had been waiting for the right time to release Josiah’s transcript and rerelease John’s interview as a serious of shorter excerpts that did not require over two hours of viewing. I decided to take this week to run the series of clips and transcripts in order to use the opportunity to help raise money in Josiah’s time of need.

Don’t let Josiah’s labors go to waste and don’t miss the illuminating discussion and debate John and I had:

How My Best Friend Helped End My Faith and then Became an Openly Gay Monk
Out of the Closet for the 1st Time, at Oxford
On Anglicanism and On Celibate Love
How Catholic Moral Teaching On Sexuality Is Evolving
Does A Good God Guide The Catholic Church? A Debate
Is The Catholic Church’s Treatment of Gays Morally Defensible? A Debate
Does Celibacy Infantilize and Create Child Molesting Priests?
A Gay Monk Argues Against Reparative Therapy
On Treating Mental Illness, Rather Than Romantically Theologizing It
How the Catholic Church’s Views on Gays Might Evolve

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