Lily Allen’s New Feminist Song

It’s really hard to do songs that advocate a moral or political point of view without generating unlistenable lyrics. But Lily Allen pulls it off really well here.

On Edit: I should be more careful… After only listening to the song but not watching the video while I was surfing around doing other things, I went off the lyrics to the song and its musical merits in recommending it. Had I seen it with my eyes, I would have been able to guess there would be racial questions raised about the video as there were with Miley Cyrus’s VMA performance. I’m sorry for not actually watching the video first. Here are some popular critical analyses of the video’s use of black dancers. The second link contains Allen’s reply to criticism as well:

Lily Allen’s Joke of a Response to the Criticism
Culturally Clueless: Race, Feminism & Lily Allen’s Hard Out Here Video
Easy Out There For A (White) Bitch: A Few Words On Lily Allen and the Continued Use of Black Women’s Bodies As Props

Thanks to Julian Francisco for alerting me on Twitter that there was an issue.

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