Reverse Racism

Comedian Aamer Rahman explains reverse racism pretty clearly:

Your Thoughts?

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  • jjramsey

    If that “time machine” that comedian described had happened, then his jokes about stereotypes of white people wouldn’t be reverse racism, they’d just be racism. Reverse racism implies that racist attitudes are being directed in the opposite direction from where they usually go, that is, directed toward the privileged instead of from them.

    Because of that dynamic, reverse racism isn’t damaging in the way that “regular” racism is. On the one hand, some particular forms of what might be considered “reverse racism,” such as affirmative action, could be considered relatively healthy compared to the alternative of a nominally “color-blind” treatment that still favors whites because of the continuing effects of old inequalities. On the other hand, I don’t really see the social benefit of jokes where stereotypes about privileged people are played straight.

  • Sally Strange

    My thoughts are that this is going to go straight over the head of your readers.

    • Dan Fincke Camels With Hammers

      That’s it? You just want to insult my readership and that’s all?

      Roughly half of those who have clicked on the post have shared it on Facebook so far.

  • SocraticGadfly

    Reverse racism is racism. People of any racial group can be and are racists. People of either sex can be and are sexist. People of any sexual orientation can do the same, etc. **Everybody** can engage in some sort of “privilege” somewhere, sometime. Some groups may do this more, but nobody is exempt.

    End of PC gets a reasonable dose of reality.