Amazon Developing Autonomous Drones to Deliver Packages

This is astonishing. In the last few minutes of the video below, Amazon demonstrates their prototype autonomous drones that founder Jeff Bezos speculates could be approved to deliver packages by themselves in as soon as 4-5 years:

This week I began shipping all my stuff to my soon to be new home in a different state. I just found out this evening that the post office delivered the first 7 boxes to the wrong address. I bet our new friendly flying delivery robots wouldn’t have done that.

I admit, of all our corporate overlords, Mr. Bezos has long been my favorite.

Your Thoughts?

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  • Marta L.

    Fascinating development, and thanks for the heads-up. I threw together a few concerns over at my own blog, although I’ll admit they’re minor. Basically, I think this is a good development.

  • kenofken

    It’s a cool concept, but you can bet the rent money that NSA is going to have some sort of back-door access to whatever information-gathering benefits might be had from delivery drones. They might even insist on adding video or other recording capabilities.

  • Baby_Raptor

    Faux will use this as proof Obama orders kill strikes on citizens.

  • DJMankiwitz

    I’m not sure these drones are going to be smart enough to actually be safe. They seem to be delivering packages to one of those perfectly laid out and phoneline-less neighborhoods that don’t exist in real life. The real world has weird topography in neighborhood streets and odd parking jobs and weird owner-made addons to homes and partially faded numbers and trees split two ways on either side of overpassing powerlines and stuff. Robots can’t handle such diversity. They’ll end up killing a cat or two at some point. Yes, so have delivery trucks, but this is new, NEW I say! At the very least, can’t those helicopter blades have one of those fan shields around them? Why can’t that work?