American Humanist Association Stops Public School From Allowing Proselytization Through Toy Drive

In the video below, Megyn Kelly is extremely obnoxious and hostile to American Humanist Association President Roy Speckhardt for having the audacity to stop a school from violating the Constitution. It’s clear from the video she knows he’s right on the law and yet the anger and contempt for him in her voice is striking. And her insinuations that it is his responsibility, and one he is failing in, to provide toys for the kids in lieu of the Evangelical Christian group that was using them as a proselytization tool is a shallow and unfair attempt to make him look bad.

If the video embed doesn’t work, try here instead.

Also, for two superlative examples for how to deal with the cable news gladatorial arena as a secularist, humanist, and/or atheist, check out the fine work of Amanda Knief and Fred Edwords.

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