Camels With Hammers’ Biggest Posts Each Month of 2013

As 2013 ends, I have decided to do a few posts linking to the best posts of 2013 at Camels With Hammers. The posts below were the most widely clicked on, shared, or talked about from their respective month.

January 24, 2013: How To Live Happily: Have No Expectations
February 15, 2013: The Camels With Hammers Civility Pledge

March 1, 2013: What Kind of a Rationalist Wants to Verbally Abuse People into Submission Like an Authoritarian
April 2, 2013: Why Atheists Resent Being Told We Are Going To Hell
May 22, 2013: Feminism, Civility, and Ron Lindsay’s Welcome to Women in Secularism
June 9, 2013: On Back Door Ways To Keep One’s Virginity (And To Defend One’s Faith)
July 26, 2013: The Very Worst of the Atheist Movement on Display: Major Atheist Orgs Attack Star of David Holocaust Memorial
August 23, 2013: The JT and Bria Conflict and Why I Usually Don’t Blog About Interpersonal Conflicts
September 4, 2013: Atheistic Religiphobia #1: Fear of Believing Anything At All About Gods
October 19, 2013: On Atheists Attempting to Disprove the Existence of the Historical Jesus
November 6, 2013: “You Can’t Stop Teenagers From Having Sex”


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