I’m On The Radio and Livestreaming Internet Today, 11am Eastern Time on the Jesse Lee Peterson Show

A couple months back I wrote an article called “How Wish The Homosexuality Debate Would Go”. My article was a response to an article of the same title (except for the italicized “I”) by a conservative Christian named Trevin Wax at The Gospel Coalition. In that article, Wax explored all the arguments he wished conservative Christians would successfully make by using the conceit of a hypothetical TV or radio interview with a hostile interviewer. I critiqued Wax’s proposed replies to criticisms of conservative Christian positions on gays in the church and in the culture, exploring all the arguments wish we heard in media discussions of gays, conservative Christianity, and the culture.

Now, gratefully, I have the opportunity to talk to an actual nationally syndicated radio show host who is hostile to my positions. So we will see how the arguments fare. I am going to be on The Jesse Lee Peterson Show today at 11:05am Eastern Time. I am told I will be on for possibly as long as an hour. Check your local affiliates for the Jesse Lee Peterson Show or listen on livestream here. After the show you can listen through iTunes. [UPDATE: You can now hear the audio and/or read the transcript for free here.]

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Your Thoughts?

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