MA Gov. Patrick Declare Dec. 8 “Humanist Community Day”

The Humanist Community at Harvard announces a proclamation acknowledging the humanist community “as one among the many ethical communities of conscience, striving together toward the common good” will be coming Sunday in Massachusetts, from Governor Deval Patrick.

Here’s the text:

Whereas December 8, 2013 marks the first-ever public event at the Humanist Hub, a center supporting community life for Humanists, atheists, agnostics and the nonreligious in Cambridge and beyond; and

Whereas the Humanist Hub of the Humanist Community at Harvard is the first such center for Humanist community life in the history of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts; and

Whereas this landmark event is part of a larger movement to build inclusive and inspiring, multi-cultural and multi-generational Humanist communities to serve the rapidly growing nonreligious population across the nation, while partnering with neighboring religious communities in acts of service to those in need; and

Whereas Humanists have made profound contributions to American history and society as a whole through their passionate promotion of universal human values such as reason, compassion, integrity, equality, and justice; and

Whereas the Humanist community may be viewed, from the perspective of the government and people of the Commonwealth, as one among the many ethical communities of conscience, striving together toward the common good;

Now, therefore, I, Deval L. Patrick, Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, do hereby proclaim December 8, 2013 to be


And urge all the citizens of the Commonwealth to welcome the Humanist Hub into the mosaic of our broader community, acknowledging, in the spirit of friendship and respect, that its members can contribute positively to the Commonwealth’s proud tradition of pluralism.

Historic stuff. For so long as acknowledgments of religious groups and precepts are commonplace, it is only fair that our equal moral status in the community also get recognized. As a matter of fairness, given the way things are, it’s an important acknowledgment, hopefully a meaningful signal to others to fight stigmas against us, and a step towards greater inclusion of humanists in the future, which became an issue this past spring in Massachusetts specifically after we were pretty upsettingly frozen out of the ecumenical service in the wake of the Boston Marathon.

Hearty congratulations to the Humanist Community at Harvard, who continues to make us very proud.

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