My Appearance On The Jesse Lee Peterson Show This Morning

Right wing radio host Jesse Lee Peterson had me back on his show today. HERE is the audio of it. Last month I had the chance to defend gays to him and his listeners. You can hear the audio and/or read the transcript of that discussion here. Today I was on to talk about my recent posts on hypocrisy at Empowerment Ethics and at Camels With Hammers(And speaking of Empowerment Ethics, my new alternate blog devoted to rebooting and re-explaining and further developing my views on ethics point by point, today is Monday so there is a new post up on that blog. It tackles the question of how morality can be assessed for its truth and/or authority by criteria external to itself.)

For the second time, I had a blast talking to Jesse and his callers. What I appreciated both times was that Jesse seemed genuinely curious in his questions. He was seemed more interested in probing my atheism than staying on the subject of hypocrisy, so much of the interview functioned as a kind of “ask an atheist” opportunity. I appreciated that while he would give his own views, his questions were not just gotchas or attempts to set up his own points. He gave me room to make my points and he asked questions in a way that bespoke genuine curiosity and openness to learn. It was very much what atheists should hope for when invited by religious people to explain what we think and why.

I hope to have more such open-minded opportunities from Jesse and other religious believers. If you are a religious person with a media or church-based platform and you’d like to host me for a discussion of our agreements and disagreements, I’d love to make that happen.

Your Thoughts?

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