Introducing Tanner Campbell, Secularite, and Secular.FM

You may have noticed that I have several new projects going this year. I started a second blog, Empowerment Ethics, I started writing for a new secular digital magazine app called Secularite, and I have a new podcast called Hammering Out Ethics with Dan Fincke which will premiere in February. What all three of these new projects have in common is that they’ve all come about because I met Tanner Campbell, host of the No God Cast, and each of the projects is part of part of Tanner’s new Secular Broadcasting Network which produces both the Secularite digital magazine available on iTunes and the website on which Empowerment Ethics premieres. And Hammering Out Ethics with Dan Fincke will stream as part of the 24/7 rotation of secular podcasts you can listen to on Secular.FM, which already includes popular shows like Cognitive Dissonance, The Imaginary Friends Podcast, The Pink Atheist, Atheists on Air, Atheist Airwaves, Atheist Nomads, The Bible Reloaded, A Matter of Doubt, History of Misunderstanding, C-Webb’s Sunday School, Herd Mentality Podcast, and Tanner’s No God Cast. Other blogs on the Secularite network are Real World Ethics by Alonzo Fyfe (formerly of the long running, high quality Atheist Ethicist blog), AJ Johnson: The Happiest Atheist, Danthropology by Dan Arel, All the Consequences of This by Kile Jones, Being Atheist with Aubrey Adrianson 

Below John Shook, philosopher and author of The God Debates: A 21st Century Guide for Atheists and Believers (and Everyone in Between) (a spectacularly informative and creative introduction to the theism and atheism discussion that I recommend to everyone) interviews Tanner about who he is and how these new ventures all came about.

My Empowerment Ethics blog, which is devoted to rebooting and reexplaining my ethical philosophy systematically and accessibly is 5 posts in already. If you’ve missed any, catch up with the following posts:

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“Can Morality Mean Something Other Than Absolutist Morality?”

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