Sunday (2/2/14) I’ll be on a live video panel with Richard Carrier, Julia Galef, and Jess Whittlestone

As part of FtBConscience 2I will be on a panel February 2, 2014 from 1pm-2pm Eastern Time covering the topic “Philosophy for Everyone”, along with Richard Carrier, Julia Galef, and Jess Whittlestone. Brief description of the themes and bios of my co-panelists are below:

What is philosophy? What use is it for the average Jane or Joe? How can laypeople learn it, benefit from it, and apply it in their lives? Dan Fincke (private online philosophical practitioner) and Richard Carrier (author and philosopher, with a Ph.D. in the history of philosophy from Columbia University) are joined by Julia Galef (co-founder and president of the Center for Applied Rationality) and Jess Whittlestone (communications director for 80000hours, High Impact Ethical Careers) to discuss it. Everyone on the panel has real-world experience with practical, applied philosophy, and in the second half we will be taking questions from the audience. This discussion will be aimed at anyone who doesn’t have a Ph.D. in philosophy, and will focus on the real-world benefits and applications of philosophy, not its arcane bits. Learn how you can study philosophy in your spare time and use it in your everyday life, your personal development and life goals, your voting and activism, and more. The panelists might also address some myths and negative stereotypes about philosophy. And they will definitely be talking about how they, personally, study and make use of philosophy in their life and work, and how others can, too.

I’m really looking forward to this. Last summer I was also on a panel with Julia Galef, that time with Jeremy Beahan and Ed Brayton too, and I thought the discussion was fantastic. If you missed it, I really recommend you watch i:

Cancel your weekend plans and plan to spend Friday January 31-Sunday February 2 glued to your computer watching FTBConscience panels. Check out the extensive FtBConscience 2 schedule with its roster of over 100 expected speakers:

  • Alexander Gonzalez
  • Amy Davis Roth
  • Andi McClure
  • Andy Cheadle-Ford
  • Angie Jackson
  • Ania Bula
  • Anne Sauer
  • Aron Ra
  • Ashley Hamer
  • Autumn Nicole Bradley
  • Benny S
  • Beth Voigt
  • Brianne Bilyeu
  • Chana Messinger
  • Charles Stross
  • Chelsea DuFresne
  • Chris Pederson
  • Cindy Cooper
  • Courtney Caldwell
  • Curtis Penfold
  • Dale McGowan
  • Dan Fincke
  • Dan Linford
  • Daniel Samuelson
  • Edward Bartow
  • Elyse Anders
  • Erin Bilyeu
  • Georgina Capetillo
  • Gordon Maples
  • Greta Christina
  • Heather McNamara
  • Heina Dadabhoy
  • HJ Hornbeck
  • Ian Cromwell
  • Jamila Bey
  • Jason Thibeault
  • Jen Peeples
  • Jess Whittlestone
  • Jesse Menard
  • Jodi Thibeault
  • Jojie Tiongco
  • Julia Galef
  • Justin Schieber
  • Kate Donovan
  • Kelley Freeman
  • Ken White
  • Kenneth Keng
  • Kim Rippere
  • Kim Veal
  • Kristine Chan
  • Kyle Borger
  • Lauren Lane
  • Lilandra Ra
  • Lux Pickel
  • MA Melby
  • Malia Bender
  • Marguerite de Leon
  • Marissa Torres Langseth
  • Michael Davis
  • Michael Nam
  • Miri Mogilevsky
  • Mitchell Greenbaum
  • Niki M
  • Noa Jones
  • Patty Guzikowski
  • Paul Fidalgo
  • Pecier Decierdo
  • Pepe Bawagan
  • PZ Myers
  • Raina Rhoades
  • Rebecca Hensler
  • Red Tani
  • Richard Carrier
  • Robert M. Price
  • Russell Glasser
  • Ryan Consell
  • Ryan Craig
  • Sarah Morehead
  • Sasha Pixlee
  • Scott Lohman
  • Shanon Nebo
  • Simon Keegans
  • Stephanie Zvan
  • Teresa McBain
  • Tomas Rawlings
  • Toren Atkinson
  • Vyckie Garrison
  • Yau Man Chan

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