The Amazing New Interactive Video For Bob Dylan’s “Like A Rolling Stone”

In November, Bob Dylan’s legendary song “Like A Rolling Stone”, received its first official video and it is a masterpiece and innovation in the genre. The video has a fascinating interactive feature that lets you change the channels you are watching. Each channel you play features people on real and imagined TV shows mouthing the lyrics to the song, but not acting like they’re lip synching. They’re acting in all respects like they would on the genre of show they are on. It’s as though their mouths have simply become possessed to sing along to “Like A Rolling Stone”, often in oscillation between fascinating incongruence and charmingly inspired appropriateness with their facial expressions and the things they’re doing. The mixture of Dylan’s contemptuous taunting and television personalities’ performatively pleasant and cheery demeanors amounts to a sublimely wry commentary on television itself. I could go on and on. I’ve watched it over and over a number of different ways. It’s a constantly new and alternately engrossing experience. Play with it for yourself by going here.

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