Jewish Atheism?

What exactly does it mean to identify as a Jewish atheist? As part of FtBConscience2, Chana Messinger of The Merely Real and Miri Mogilevsky of Brute Reason sat down to hash out what it means to them to be both Jewish and atheists. (Chana also participated in last summer’s Camels With Hammers Show special on controversies related to a proposed Holocaust memorial on statehouse grounds in Ohio.)

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Your Thoughts?

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  • Shira Coffee

    Thanks for posting this, Dan. It makes me SO happy to be a Jew!

  • Matt G

    I heard this joke years ago. It may be funnier to those on the “inside” than it was to me. Q: What do you call a Jew who doesn’t believe in God? A: A Jew. If you have insight, please share.

    A friend once told me he wasn’t fully a Jew, he was just sort of Jew-ish.

    • Shira Coffee

      The answer makes perfect sense. Your friend’s statement, not so much.

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    • Shira Coffee

      Dan, would you kill the comment above? It’s apparently a spambot.

    • Y. A. Warren

      YHWH is The Sacred Breath (Spirit) manifested as life in the universe. This is not to be confused with the perversions of this spirit called “god.” I am not a theist of any religion because I believe this.

  • Yonah

    I don’t know if Bernie Sanders is religous or not, but I would bet his sense of Jewish identity rates justice higher than being able to follow along with words one does not believe and eating Jewish food.

    • Y. A. Warren

      I hope, and believe, you are correct in this assumption, Yonah.

    • Yonah

      Well, you really never know for sure with politicians. You do the best you can with them I suppose.

  • Y. A. Warren

    The big question for me is why we must believe in gods in order to bind ourselves to each other for good.

    Often, while they were growing, my children asked if I believe in “god.’ I said that I did, but not in what people say about “god.” Now that they are grown, I have had much time to study what it means to be and believe in a “god.”

    I, inadvertently, lied to my children. I don’t actually believe in any god, but I do believe in a Sacred Spirit that is manifested in physical life in the universe.